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Till We Run Out Of Road (this way version)

It's leavin' time again
I'm headed out with all my friends
It's a roll of the dice
I've never thought twice about the way I've been spending my time
Trying my guts out for every dime

Working in an office building tall
Don't know who's next to you at all
But being out here
The blood, the guts, the beer is a test
Only time will tell
Brings you close, man
Closer than hell

We're leaving, we're leaving again
Can't recall where all we've been
Guess we'll just go
Go till we're too old
Or we run out of road

The other day I talked to Lou
He quit back in '92
Says he misses it bad
Those were the best times we ever had
He said, "Give it hell till the end
'Cause once you quit you can't get it back again"


Expensive cabs and shitty food
Washed down with cancelled flights
Missed wake-up calls
Missed holidays
You miss your boy and wife
All the late night drives that cause the dawn to strike you like a knife
Hey man, this is a beautiful life


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